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Specialist Massage Therapy

I am a fully qualified and insured massage therapist, actively registered with The Federation of Holistic Treatments (MFHT). Membership of this professional body requires me to undertake continued professional development (CPD) each year over and above the existing qualifications. In addition, I abide by the strict FHT Code of Conduct and Professional Practice.

Based in the heart of Linwood, close to the M8, serving all surrounding areas.

Leaning on my training and as an empathic, intuitive person, I tailor make nurturing massage treatments to suit individual requirements.

Sacro health Jackie
I started competing at the incredibly young age of 5 years old. Once I hit my early teens, I took a very keen interest in the benefits of food mainly to feed my body with the correct nutrients so that I could compete at my best.

This keen interest in food and well-being has stayed with well into adulthood. After a long career in the corporate world, I decided to do something that I had a strong affinity with. I qualified as a Swedish Massage Therapist but that still was not enough. I was looking for a niche in the market.

So, after years of researching, I finally settled on Abdominal Sacral Massage. I think this a very sacred area of a person’s body and one that is not given much love or attention. So much is going on the abdomen area that we are not even aware of it. In the very near future, I plan to further my education by studying ‘Gut, Brain Connection’ so that I can offer this advisory service hand in hand with the AS massage.

Powerful, dynamic bodywork techniques used to create bespoke massage for individual requirements.


Professional Memberships


  • Swedish Massage
  • Abdominal Sacral Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Fitness Instructor

How Can I Help You?

I listen with my heart and heal with my hands. I solve problems you do not know you have in ways you may not realise.
Therapy that makes a difference to you.


Abdominal Sacral Massage


Swedish Full Body Massage

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Best Massage for Fertility

Women’s reproductive systems are complex and intricate. In the abdomen, all the muscles including the pelvic floor, organs and connective tissue share the same neural inputs and there are ligaments that connect the sacrum to the uterus. Abdominal sacral massage: Can...

Best Massage for Digestion

Best Massage for Digestion

Abdominal sacral massage can give a stressed digestive system the reboot it needs and aid with weight loss. It is a known fact that faecal waste can remain in the colon for months or even years releasing toxins. Abdominal sacral massage: Stimulates the abdominal...

Best Massage for Emotions

Best Massage for Emotions

Ever experienced ‘butterflies in your tummy?’ Underlying this sensation is an often-overlooked network of neurons lining our gut that is so extensive some scientists have nicknamed it our “second brain”.  A mass of neural tissue, filled with important...

How I Keep Healthy and the Products I Love

Daily Cultures, Deeside Water, SuperU, Songbird Naturals & Tropic are all products that I use.